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Krazy Emporium! All Things Krazy!

135 Westminster Ave West
Penticton, BC, V2A1J7


11:00am - 5:00pm




About Krazy...

Well,..they certainly had me curious with the Giant yellow Hands. Which are actually Giant yellow hand Chairs, parked on the sidewalk in front of this downtown shop.

I’d been hearing about the giant yellow hands on Westminster Ave. since I arrived in town. So naturally, curiosity got the best of me and I had to head down there to check it out. Sure enough there they were. Obviously, I have to park my butt into one of them and kick up my feet into the other one and strike a pose, as my photographer snaps away, seizing the moment, for the morning edition.

Being new to town I had not much of an idea as to what to expect of this shop..but I’m here and I have to admit I’m a bit excited as to what these giant yellow hand chairs are the entrance to?? According to the radio, 'Its all things Krazy'... and so it is appropriately named, The Krazy Emporium.

Well, once inside the shop, all of my senses were shifted into overdrive, the smell of incense tingled in my nose, the bright cheery colours of hundreds of things filled nearly every inch. I was definitely getting an eyeful.

The young man managing the shop introduced himself, as Mike, and welcomed me to 'All things Krazy', or as he mimics his boss, 'The Krazy Momma' who owns the shop,..says “Welcome to our little slice of insanity.”

As I am trying to take it all in I ask, “Wow Mike, how long has this shop been here, you have sooooo much stuff?" He replies, “Just had our 8th Anniversary on the 20th of April, just last month.”
I’m almost speechless at this point, I’m seeing body jewelry, stickers, funky signs, catnip, beaded curtains, retro 60’s, and hundreds of blown glass pieces of all sizes lit up and glistening behind jewelry cabinet displays.

I’m experiencing the most incredible walk down memory lane, from Woodstock days of years gone by. Memories come flooding back & I find myself comfortably chatting to Mike, like I’ve known him all my life. He is smiling and nodding politely acknowledging all that I am saying. He responds by simply saying, "Yeah, we have this effect on a lot of people, for some, it’s a walk down memory lane, for some a welcome back and others just an eye full, and no matter what , its all good."

I’m shaking my head to and fro and now just pointing in the general direction of various things, and Mike intuitively starts explaining the what’s and how’s and such of many different pieces.

I mention, "That on special occasions I still do particularly enjoy a fine Cuban cigar," Mike just smiles and leads me back into the front of the shop, takes out a handful of keys, flips through them and opens up the door to a huge black 5 foot humidor (which I have just walked past and not even noticed). The humidor is fully stocked with fine Cuban cigars. Just in case any of our readers are unfamiliar with the term humidor, a humidor is a special container or cabinet that is equipped with a water humidifier which is required in order to keep cigars at their proper moisture level, if the proper humidity is not closely monitored the cigars will be ruined.

Again, another eyeful for me...Wow factor again.
Mike points out that one of the biggest changes over the years is the tightening of the tobacco laws, so anything which has a tobacco content, must be completely hidden from view and only accessible to those over 19.

As we continue to wander throughout the shop, Mike explains how Barb, (aka Krazy Momma), openly admits that she is an absolute shop-a-holic, and is constantly in search of the latest, funkiest, most kraziest unique things to bring into the shop. He continues to say, "She has an uncanny ability to find some of the most outrageous stuff,... So we never really know what the heck will be showing up at the back door next." Frank, (the other fellow who works at Krazy), is also left wondering what new surprises may be showing up in each new box of freight.

Mike continues on to say, "I think that is why Krazy is still here after 8 years, we always have all the regular krazy stuff, but our extra stock of, ‘All things krazy’, totally changes and no one can even guess what will be showing up next.

We are also a huge tourist town," he goes on to say... "Our population actually about triples in the summer time, and its so cool because, our regular customers are very proud to show us off to their friends and family, so we are always meeting new people from around the world. Even those who have moved away, always come back in to say hi...saying that their trip back home wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t come into Krazy!" My reply is, "Yes, I can see why, it’s a pretty comfy shop."
I continue to tell Mike.. "You know, I was totally unprepared for what I’ve found in this krazy little shop..but you know what? .. I’m definitely putting it to the top of my favorite spots to visit,...and I too, will be proud to bring folks on by to see you."

Mike rings up my cigar purchase and tells me how nice it was to meet me, and then fills me in on the fact that the shop is open 7 days a week. I thank him kindly and leave the shop.

Now, I have to tell you..I’ve been reporting for a good number of years, and its been a very long time since I’ve been made to feel so welcome and enjoyed my stay in a shop so much. Smiling to myself as I walk away, knowing full well, I will be returning shortly with my wife in tow....In truth I have found my new best little shop in town,..and I will certainly be sharing it with all my friends and family. Everyone deserves to experience this,
‘All Things Krazy Shop’!

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