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Krazy Emporium! All Things Krazy!

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Krazy Emporium! All Things Krazy!

135 Westminster Ave West
Penticton, BC, V2A1J7


11:00am - 5:00pm




Current Contests...

Come in and sign up for your very own Krazy ID #. With every purchase until the end of April, your ID number will be put in a draw for a chance to win all of your purchase amounts back.

Example: If you spend $450 from now until the end of April with your Krazy ID # and your Krazy ID # is drawn, you win back your $450! Simple. Come get your Krazy ID # today.

There's more! Every friend counts! The 3 people (with Krazy ID #'s) who refer the most friends to come into Krazy and sign up for their own Krazy ID win:

1st prize - The largest Transformer Gear Bong

2nd prize - Vapor Daddy Vaporizer

3rd prize - A large glass bong



Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @KrazyEmporium for updates on all of our 420 giveaways!

An Omicron Oil Vaporizer is also up for grabs - But you you have to come to the store to find out how!

There are lots of other prizes up for grabs too! Come check us out to see how you can win!

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