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Krazy Emporium! All Things Krazy!

135 Westminster Ave West
Penticton, BC, V2A1J7


11:00am - 5:00pm





What's New...

Red Beard Glass

Redbeard keeps kin and kiln under Okanagan Valley’s surreal dreamscape, inspiration fecundated in flower, family, fluid media, and fire.

Impressed by glassmasters, Mickelson, Pelligrini, Sable, Sebo, and Kabuki, Redbeard’s contemporary production styles are best-sellers at culture retailers and wholesalers across Canada. Meanwhile, autonomous operation has enabled Redbeard’s distinctive technique to emerge, to become internationally-beloved and sought-after, blossoming from recognition to renown. (Limited instruction space may be made available to select students).

Celebrating 13 years at the torch, Redbeard has designed a series of spectacular new oil vaporizers, and decorative stemware, while enlarging his gallery portfolio of feature display pieces (i.e. higher headies). His newly-renovated beach-front shop is turning out masterpieces designed to blow your mind (or to deliver your medicine with uncommon panache). And they’re gone before they’re cool –so get ‘em while they’re hot!

Redbeard is a really nice guy.
You should feel free to contact him.







Happy Shaman Herbs

Introducing the Happy Shaman Herbs (Yummy!!!) for those of you who have already experienced the Happiness that these AMAZING herbs bring!

Happy Shaman Herbs is an herbal incense. It is a blend of herbs, spices and other botanical ingredients. It is intended to be burned in an incense burner. (not for human consumption)



Personal Vaporizer
Electronic Cigarettes

A personal vaporizer (PV) is a hand held device, a little smaller than a pen that vaporizes any liquid using a simple heating element called an atomizer.

Benefits a PV over Cigarettes

* Tobacco Free, Combustion Free, Tar Free.
* No more stinky car, hair, clothes, and hands
* Save you money. E-Cigs can be about 80% less cost than traditional Cigarettes
* No having to stand out in the cold since you can use E-Cigs indoors with no smell.

How a PV Works

A PV is made out of 3 parts: The Battery, The Atomizer, and The Cartridge. See pictures to the right.

The battery "batt" is rechargeable and will last 2-4 hours of constant vaping use. So you going to want 2 batteries, one that your using and one that is charging. All our starter kits will come with 2 batts and either a AC wall charger or a USB charger. For most people, the USB charger is much more convenient. The Ultimate is to also purchase a Portable Power Pack "PCC" too. A PPC can recharge your batts about 4 times over before needing to recharge the pack it self with it's USB cable.

The Atomizer "Atty" is what heats up and turns the liquid in the cartridge in to the vapor.

The Cartridge is what contains the e-liquid. They are refillable.






How the E-Cig Works


E-Cigarette Maverick


Costs Involved with Vaping

1)The E-Liquid: This can run you anywhere from $20-$40 US dollars per month, depending on how much you like to use your PV.

2)Atomizers: The Attys do burn out, and you will have to replace them every 2-6 months. These will run you $12.50 to replace.

3)Cartridges: Even though the Carts are refillable, you may want to replace your cart every month or so. These cost $4 for a pack of 5 carts.

4)Batteries: The battery in an E-Cig is rechargeable, but they will start to lose their capacity after about 300 charges. Replacement batts cost $15

Overall, the cost is about 80% less than buying traditional tobacco analog Cigarettes.



Electronic Cigarette Lingo Glossary:

Analog Cigarettes: What vapers users call traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Atty: Atomizer; the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid

Automatic: A PV that turns on just from sucking on the filter end

Batt: Battery; rechargeable with an LED light

Cart: Short for the Cartridge. The Cart contains the e-liquid

E-Liquid or E-Juice: Refill liquid used to refill your carts, usually contains flavorings.

Manual: A PV that has a button on the side to trigger the battery on and off

Mod: Modifications, usually done to the power source.

PCC: A portable/personal charging case for your PV batts

Throat Hit: The feeling the vapor gives you when it hits the back of your throat

Vape/Vaping: The act of using a PV; vaping vapor, as opposed to smoking smoke

Vaper: One who vapes

Vapor: The amount and thickness of the Vapor that your exhale

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