Our Krazy Story

20 years ago I had a spark of an idea!  I wanted to open a funky, fun, unique and Krazy little gift shop. I didn’t want it to be cookie cutter, the same as everyone else, I wanted something different.

The main theme of the shop would be the hemp family of glass and products. The twist would be ALL the eclectic novelties and kraziness I could possibly find, to add to the fun!

Thus The Krazy Emporium was born and officially opened April 20, 2001!

Well here I am, nearly 20 years later…and I still have my Krazy little shop. Its quite amazing when you are in a little city such as ours, to survive, morph, change and grow with all around you.  I’m so proud and grateful to all of those who have worked, shared and supported this Krazy little idea!

The feeling of amazement never goes away when customers come in after so many years, to say hello, and thank us for still being here.  Many visitors are also so proud that they have a Krazy experience to share back with us from our earlier years.  That’s the grateful bonus that I’ve received from my Krazy little sanctuary, my amazing customers are truly priceless!

Although older and a very proud Grandma…I still be KRAZY….and always will be!

My original spark of an idea for Krazy till burns bright, always the same, but always different.

So please, come on down if you’re looking for unique gifts in Penticton and say hello! We are in the same spot, and would love to see you!

With Gratitude,
Krazy Momma, aka Barb